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Ever changing artworks

Luca Mancone's artistic career is distinguished by a continuous updating: the receipt becomes the protagonist of works in constant change, an absolutely innovative media and perfectly immersed in a costantly evolving society. Luca Mancone draws inspiration from the city of Milan, his hometown and from the economic sciences he has studied in depth and which are based on the coldness of numbers. Luca has bent these facts to a dimension of intellectual research that he likes to call visual irony. The receipt is a "poor" reality which lives few seconds and passes by unnoticed, but which represents a real world. A world which speaks of places, needs, dreams, loves, fears, desires, fully expressed in the purchase one has made; the artist extends the life of the receipt and he gives voice to the meanings which are hidden in it. In his elegant and minimal artworks there is a universal message: the transformation of the painting itself. The receipt is imprisoned in the picture but the thermal paper changes over time, giving rise to an "aging" process; the air and heat transform the shades, making them warmer. Luca Mancone's contemporary and abstract art changes over time and his artworks slowly go by with people who experience them.



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