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3D POP & VISUal Art

Pongo 3D is the pioneer of Italian writing and the inventor of 3D painting on walls and on canvas. His art creates out of focus and succession of planes in 3 dimensions, which return images at different levels through the use of 3D glasses. From figurative to abstract conceptual art, his 3D spray and acrylic artworks give emotions, they offer universes of interpretation and they restore elegance to any environment. An internationally listed artist, he is present in major contemporary art collections. Starting from the early 90s, he paints every surface with particular attraction to trains and subways, but without neglecting the large walls of the suburbs, thus becoming one of the most prominent characters in Italy and a reference point for new writers. With over 26k followers on social media, Pongo 3D is very active both in Milan and in Europe. Since 1999 he has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, always present at the most important graffiti jams in the world and lives between Milan and New York.

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Digital Prints & T-Shirts

3D Colored Drawings

Artworks on canvas

Pongo's full artworks catalogue available on demand.

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