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Starring in our 3D mural “#MDW has been JUKEd” is the new Nissan Juke which lights up Milan Design Week with a special event. Influencers, talents and artists involved have added their unique touch through a distinctiveness that breaks the mold. “Originality is not to be noticed, but to be remembered,” says Michela Quattrociocche while Rosa Diletta Rossi, with a countercultural statement “To please everyone would be a deadly bore,” celebrates diversity as an added value, a vision perfectly in line with Juke's spirit.

The 3D mural also stimulates a reflection on the role of art and technology in our society, inviting us to go beyond the classic and traditional patterns of two-dimensional concepts.

Then again, Alessio Lapice and Anna Safroncik, for example, spoke about how authenticity and uniqueness are fundamental in the entertainment world, a message which stands with the stylistic boldness of Nissan's newcomer. Emma Muscat and Paola Iezzi, for their part, reworked the theme of originality in the musical context, emphasizing how innovation is as crucial in art as it is in automotive engineering.

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