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Acrylic on mdf with video frame

Watch the video!

50x70 cm

As all Gaudio's works, Insert Coins offers us a provocation, a message to reflect on, the moment in which it is essential to stop. Featuring a looped, acrylic video on mdf panel. More photos available. Signed, with authentication.

Work exhibited in the "#ADDICTION" exhibition at Nhow Milano.



GAUDIO, Insert Coins

SKU: SA_Gic_1
  • Winner with the triptych 'Icon makes Icon ", of the contest' Art on iconic shapes' which allowed him to exhibit  with artists such as Banksy and Obey, Gaudio is the interpreter of a society in transformation: his works are windows from which to observe the contradictions of the contemporary era. Does it make sense to consider technological progress as the most appropriate measure of the development achieved by civilization? Gaudio interprets the anomalies of modern society by offering food for thought and different levels of reading.

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