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Ryder Cup 2023 | Our art wall inside the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club


Street Art In Store is a brand of Galleria Prada, which has been a reference point for street art lovers for years thanks to the creation of iconic murals that have transformed urban and suburban areas.

We are an unconventional business company as well as an eclectic team of professionals with a long-standing artistic experience: we love to support urban art, strongly believing in the potential of street art as a form of communication able to establish a relationship with the users and the territory, an art which upgrades areas and buildings, bringing new ethical, social and economic values.



Our street artists are carefully selected and qualified professionals, historical names in graffiti art and international urban art, with a very distinguishing artistic path in terms of poetics and technique.

galleria prada e street art in store

Paola Prada and Gianluca Galli, Street Art In Store's partners, have passionately led the brand since 2017. Visionary and pioneering the former, strategic and proactive the latter, together with our team and our artists, we all have created iconic murals and we are still doing it thanks to the many projects which are in the making.

Not only street art murals but also street artists for corporate events. Our artists provide a powerful form of visual communication and social interaction with live painting, 3D performance and augmented reality offering artistic features on one hand and on the other establishing relationships with guests in a dynamic and engaging way.


Last but not least. If you love collecting art, come and visit us in Duomo, Milan, in the charming setting of NH President Collection where for years we have been displaying street art exhibitions in an extremely elegant and contemporary hotel.



Mural advertising and corporate buildings.
Discover a new way to engage your target and the power of a street art mural for your brand.




Flats, villas and private areas. We transform your space and bring your dreams to life.

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Urban regeneration and Public Administration.

Our street art works on municipal buildings and areas.

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If you are thinking about an artistic content for your event, you are in the right place!

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collabs, EVENTS & MURALS

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