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pop extroflexions

Energy. It all starts here with two of the four elements, air and fire. Flighty and untouchable, through creativity and sensitivity, hot air takes shape in unique and striking ways by molding smooth, soulless surfaces.

These two elements allow Paul Cuck to create his artworks. Heat-boosted air gives the artist the power to shape plastics at will and transform them into unique and explosive masterpieces.

He applies his transforming plastic process to ABS or PP sheets, creating extroflexions to which he adds gold leaf. The final result is that the plastic sheets look like shimmering sheets of colored metal.

As air over time shapes and molds to the point of flattening the surface of our Earth, it can conversely with an artist's flair, bring curves and folds to life from a completely flat material.

Paul Cuck began his career as an artist by creating illuminated objects. In his life he has the opportunity to meet Philippe Starck, and thanks to this fantastic encounter he develops new ideas that he will materialize using the same technique to create extroflexions.


"A clever mix of elements, modern and surreal.

Interesting and innovative."

Philippe Starck


Ongoing Exhibition:

NH President Collection Milan, Largo Augusto 10

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Full artworks catalogue available on demand.

Please send an email.


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