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Alter Ego Canvas limited ed., 10 copies

120x80 cm

This limited edition print on canvas was taken from the composition of unique pieces "Alter Ego Starry Night", signed in original and numbered by the artist

Authentication of the artist.

Alessandro PIANO, Starry Night

  • To understand Alessandro Piano's art, it is necessary to retrace his beginnings, understand how his sculptures and creations are born, somehow return to children and suddenly find oneself in a playful world which for Alessandro turns into art. Games are only a small part of our past but they have the ability to take us back to our childhood, one of the best times of our entire existence. Collecting these sculptures is like holding the child in us by the hand and having the possibility of finally obtaining something we have always desired.

    The next step in Game Research's creative process was trying to rework these games with the intention of making them iconic and unique. This means that many games unknown to some people, such as Bricks and Tanks, are immortal to others of us.

    The intention of Alessandro's works is to involve those born around the 70s in a hyperbolic dive into the past, however allowing those born later to discover a new universe through a different vision of those toys that today, thanks to him,  they become works of art.

  • No VAT for almost all European countries.

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