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Spray & markers on canvas

100x100 cm

Cover Album "Rapture"

A tribute to a star among the most popular ones. Unmissable. Canvas exhibited on the occasion of the "Tributes" exhibition in Milan. Signed. With COA.

EL CRESPO aka ESA, Blondie

SKU: SA_001be
  • El Crespo aka Esa, El Prez, El Presidente, Funkyprez, DJ Funkprez or Captain Futuro is one of the fathers of the Italian hip hop and rap world. During his adolescence he frequented hip hop circles as a breaker, in the 90s he began his artistic career as a writer, a street experience that grew parallel to the world of rap of which he became one of the most representative characters, both as a soloist and in groups and collectives as well as collaborations with different artists such as Big Fish, Sottotono, Kelly Joyce and Snap! (the complete biography and discography can be found on Wikipedia).

    If in the music scene he is acclaimed as El Presidente, on the street and in the artistic environment he signs El Crespo, a tag that dates back to the 90s and to which the over 15k street art followers of social media are closely linked.

    The union between music and urban art melts in the works in the studio. Portraits made with oil pastels of icons from the world of rap, hip hop but also jazz, soul and reggae that become real tributes.

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