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Spray and marker on canvas

50x40 cm

Series of canvases on diversity, on everything that may seem beyond the lines, on the error of OK phonetically reproduced in Italian, on the freedom to be and to act. A hand with six fingers and a raised thumb. Everything is OK, everything is fine. Signed on the back, with authentication.

LOSTE, Ochei

SKU: SA_004l
  • Style, denunciation, poetry, healthy competition and the irrepressible desire to leave a positive and lasting message over time: this is what drives Mirko Loste Cavallotto towards art who, for over 15 years, has chosen the wall as a creative means to express himself, to travel and live. During the teenage years, he approaches the world of graffiti and makes each wall its large white canvas on which to pour spray paints, combining the passion for figurative and classical art with the pop and underground world typical of our times: here's how new forms are born and are increasingly rich in details that distinguish his line by recreating faces and still lifes that lead him to participate in events even overseas. New York, Bristol, Paris up to Mexico and Brazil passing through the largest Italian cities are the destinations that give him the opportunity to collaborate with famous brands such as Samsung, Fineco Bank, Gucci, Serie A, Averna, Ceres, Ibis Hotel, AXA and Poste Italiane attracting the attention of Stella McCartney who in 2012 chooses to finance her first solo exhibition.

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