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Digital print on Fabriano paper

cm 21x29,7

Tribute to Akira Toriyama. With 3D glasses. Limited Edition 25 copies. Signed. With COA.

PONGO, Arale

SKU: SA_001par
  • Pongo is a top Italian Wildstyler and as such he researches, designs and evolves the structures of letters, writing and metropolitan images. Since the early ‘90s, he paints every surface with particular attraction towards trains and subways, but without neglecting the large walls of the suburbs, thus becoming one of the most prominent figures in Italy.

    Very active artist, he participates in events throughout Europe, and builts relations with American crews, relationships born in the 80s during a stay in New York. He joined the TNB and started artistic collaborations with the TAT, very famous historical New York groups already active in the '70s and considered the pioneers of Writing. His activity as a "Road Writer" lasts several years until 2000.

    With the new millennium, he shifts his interests to philosophical research, nature and the sustainability of life on our planet. Today he uses painting towards artistic choices useful to his own and others human growth, without forgetting the frontier experiences, coherently with his past of writer.

    Pongo scratches the future to say that there will be a future, revealing the extreme effects of the world governments' obtuseness. He makes visible the possible consequences of the systems that produced them. No longer the graffiti as a pressing invitation to raise awareness of urban decay, but the scratch on the habitat, crumbling future of the planet.

    He creates out of focus and succession of parallel tangibility planes that can take consistency in three dimensions, expressing the enigmatic power of cryptic signs, recurring symbolic traces with an almost esoteric meaning. Mathematical equations referring to the idea of ​​infinity stand out against apocalyptic works on parallel planes.

    Since 1999 he has participated in numerous solos and collective exhibitions, always taking part to the most important graffiti jam in the world and he lives between Milan and New York.

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