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#ADDICTION @ Nhow Milano

Location: Nhow, Via Tortona 35, Milano

Every day up to Sept. 30th, 2022

A one of a kind art and design exhibition in one of the most chameleonic locations in the city. Open every day, #ADDICTION is everything which causes an artistic addiction! You will find our Gaudio with video installations focused on games, Luca Mancone's upcycling artworks made with receipts, as a form of addiction to a compulsive purchase. There is Alessandro Piano and his resin sculptures, with tributes to Monopoly, Lego and Risiko as forms of gambling addiction. There is Pongo 3D with marvellous 3D artworks exhibited in absolute preview and Alessandro Padovan with Screw Art creations which wink at the addiction to social networks.

To fix a visit, please contact!


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