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Art Wall | BLAUER Milano Fashion Week

Street Art In Store Artist: Pongo

Art Wall for: Blauer USA

Location: Corso Garibaldi, Milano

For Milan Men's Fashion Week 2023, Blauer Usa explores a new way of communicating choosing street art and a prestigious position in Brera fashion district. More and more Mural Advertising is the form of communication which combines art and fashion, giving strength to a brand's adv. Thanks to our artists, the high-impact message is perceived not as a traditional OOH but as a work of art to be admired and photographed, and which improves the city context. The murals we have created in recent years have in fact helped brands to combine marketing needs and attention with the beauty of authentic works of art. Positive win-win impacts, to which are added components of attraction and urban redevelopment, supporting the world of street art and transforming streets and buildings into real open-air art galleries.

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