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Dear Street Art Lovers,

during a reading, looking for happy thoughts, I came across something written by the great Maestro Pablo Picasso. Here it is.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

How it can be applied to all the last months where an enormous amount of dust has piled up on our lives and on those of our beloved, I still don't know. I can only think that through other universes full of emotions, colors, explorations, we can somehow see our world differently.

And maybe, why not, figure out a brand new future.

The power of art is to surprise and to let us find that very small second star on the right which fly us to the neverland!

Treat yourself at the top and invest in art.

It doesn't matter its value. Fill your life of ever lasting emotions!

Paola Prada

Street Art In Store's Founder



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