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Screw Art on panel

30x30 cm

The Screw Art by Alessandro Padovan is a surprising artistic process of which the artist is one of the major exponents at an international level. Each work is made with self-tapping screws inserted into the wood that create its three-dimensionality, to then be finished with acrylic colors, consequently generating a strong emotional, tactile and artistic impact.

Each piece is made individually by the artist. Ediz. numbered of 100 pieces. With authentication of the artist.


Alessandro PADOVAN, WOW

SKU: SA_ap_1
  • Alessandro Padovan is one of the major exponents of Screw Art and loves to ironically cross over between sculpture and painting. The screws placed at different depths form different planes through which the figures take shape. The result of his creative flair and incredible perfection and dexterity are funny pop works, ironic and sometimes transgressive, certainly unconventional and iconic.

    Alessandro Padovan therefore transformed his diploma as a mechanical expert in 2012 to give life to the artistic duo "Drill Monkeys Art Duo". Since 2017 he has consolidated his artistic career by exhibiting in solo exhibitions throughout Italy up to conquering Montecarlo, London, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Mutterstadt, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Palm Beach, Tel Aviv, New York.

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