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Print on canvas with hand retouching by the artist + blue butterfly made from recycled materials

Unique piece cm 75x100

Butterfly with magnet cm 25

"Time to fly" is the mural painted in 2022 in Milan, currently no longer visible. Both the print (with acrylic retouching) and the blue butterfly (spray and salvaged materials) were made for the artist's solo exhibition.

Unique piece, signed.

CHEONE, Time to fly & butterfly

SKU: SA_005chlb
  • A historical name in Italian street art with over 30K followers on social media, Cheone is among the most beloved and photographed artists for his walls. His Hall of Fame, in the immediate vicinity of Milan, is a destination for tours and urban art enthusiasts. His characters, whether human or animal, are giants that come to us across universes, emerge from walls and interact with space, exploiting and searching every surface. A forerunner of anamorphic street art, Cheone astonishes and amazes. His walls have toured the world and he is certainly among the most inspiring contemporary artists whose works generate a stunning emotional impact. From giants on walls to finding the perfect light on canvases, from stamps on old postcards to sculptures with salvaged materials to free art with wonderful butterflies. Cheone's creative universe is a constant search for new solutions, experimentation and media outside the ordinary.