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Paint, Spray, Acrylics on canvas

100x100 cm

From the "Flags" cycle by Gattonero, an artwork made with mural and material paint. On display at Nhow Milano. Signed and with authentication.

GATTONERO, Urban Pirates

SKU: SA_010gtt
  • Gattonero born in 1973 is one of the most important street artists in Milan whose artistic activities extend to the field of scenography, sculpture and design. He has created works all over the world up to Tokyo and Seoul and is considered one of the veterans of the old-school Milanese. Orphaned of his mother, he was born in a peripheral and disadvantaged neighborhood of Milan that he never abandoned, where he began at an early age with the activity of graffiti-writing and where "friends of the ghetto" paid him with a collection. at the Brera Academy. His artistic research therefore has solid foundations in the skate, punk and hip-pop counterculture of the early 90s, a period in which he collaborated with all the main crews of the moment as a puppet -designer militating in the famous crew MPM (Milan Puppet Master) specialized precisely in figures more than in lettering. In 1996 with his enrollment in the academy, of which he will become a representative, he meets the great masters of the past, in particular Leonardo da Vinci in whose honor, in 2004, he reconstructs all the machines related to water in a famous exhibition at the Castello Sforzesco, and Burri from which he takes his love for the material and the thickness of color.

    His art is a mixture of these two opposite poles: on the one hand the harshest and purest provocative and critical thought of graffiti and street art and on the other hand the very classic and constant aesthetic research typical of the Renaissance and the scenographic painting of the work. lyric.

    In fact, he has signed numerous operas, advertisements and fashion shows as a set designer including a superb “Madame Butterfly” in the most important theaters of Tokyo and Seoul. What we find in his paintings is the result of a very long experience in the field that brings together the figurative art of the great Italian school with the abstract art of the avant-gardes, winking at the design in a key of muralistic matrix. most dear to the teacher is certainly time and how it intervenes on human identity seen through symbols with which man identifies himself. Thinking the individual as the result of identification in a graphic symbol that can be a flag that determines their nationality, the emblem of the favorite team or more simply and subtly the logo of some famous drink or some fashion house, Gattonero finds in them the very identity of the person and consequently of society.

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